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****This is the complete series of everyone who participated in the project. There is a limited printing of only 500 hardcover image wrap books. Buy one before they run out!!!!****

”i am Obama” is a photo series that attempts to capture the diversity of those who supported Barack Obama and who have been inspired by his simple message of hope and change. During the election, the media tried to categorize his voters: He had the vote of this group of people, but not that one, or his message was reaching this kind of person and not that one. I tried to break that perception by showing that we can’t be generalized, that groups of people can’t be all put into the same box or given the same label. We are individuals, and are diverse in race and in age, in points of view and lifestyle. Barack Obama’s own heritage and life experience is, in part, a reflection of our own. He represents the best parts of the American Dream, the parts that manifest in all of us.

“i am Obama” began as a small project, but it quickly grew into something much larger. Over 500 people from all over the world posed for the series, and the website was viewed over 3.5 million times in the three weeks leading up to election day.

If this series helped even one person to stop and think about their vote, or moved someone to vote for Obama on Nov. 4th. 2008, then I feel that all the hard work that everyone put into the series was worth it.


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Maarten de Boer
diydigital Los Angeles, Ca, 90027

Publish Date  March 02, 2009

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  218 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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