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I have always been interested in the complexities of the human face. I am also intrigued by textures and surfaces and the substances they are made up of. For a long time I have attempted to take unique photos of people that tell the story of that person, the complexity of their layers in the tiny details of their lives. This book is about the experimentation of texture and portrait. The complexities of these images deal with the juxtaposition of both interests, the face and the streets outside, in one unique photograph. This book is about those attempts to see. Read, look, SEE, and enjoy.


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Rachel Hendrix
rhendrix Winterthur, Switzerland
okay, who i am: a swiss-based photographer in love with life and people and the beauty they make together. determined to capture the little moments that decorate life through her lens. hoping to acquaint you with the experience of beautiful images and the joy that they bring. asking the lovebirds out there to take an interest in documenting your passion for love, life, and one another. visit me at after dappling through some of the beloved books here on

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paulglen says

You have achieved such a classic "Dutch Masters" look with this book. Loved all three books. Each so different. Your talent really shines through. May I ask where you find such lovely fonts like the one used on "Beginnings"?

posted at 12:25pm Nov 02 PST

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