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LA FUTUTINA Mujeres Libres

Welcome to the world of rural prostitution, a world you wouldn’t want to get too close to.
Neither as a sex worker nor as a client.

A very rough paradigm where political correctness and human respect as we know it are not conceivable.

A photographic reportage in the last rural brothels of the Dominican Republic.


About the Author

Giovanni Savino
magneticart New York, NY, USA
I first discovered photography through an old shoebox of yellowing pictures on my grandparents’ kitchen table in Italy. They were born into extreme poverty at the beginning of the 20th century in the malaria-ridden swamps of southern Tuscany. Their pictures quickly became a portal for me to travel to a different era. They became a visual corroboration of the oral histories I heard over and over around a bowl of roasted chestnuts during the long winter evenings of my childhood. My passion for photography is about documenting and preserving oral culture. The main subjects of my personal work have been unsung heroes of everyday life: everyday people. For many years I worked for CBS News, traveling around the world learning to tell visual stories. Now, based between New York City and the Caribbean, I continue to find stories worth documenting and people worth giving voice to.

Comments (2)


benoitdavid says

Very beautiful book! Black background rocks. Your beautiful photos look even better. Nice layout too.

posted at 11:55am Apr 25 PST


antlio says

wonderful book

posted at 11:43am Dec 04 PST

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