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On March 5, 2009 the California Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the validity of Proposition 8, which banned the once legal right for same-sex marriages in the state of California. The oral argument was televised in the San Francisco Civic Center and many people attended demonstrating the views on the proposition.

Initially I wanted to document both sides, but I found that I was almost sucked into documenting the Yes on 8 demonstrators. To me they had this strong religious belief that for many of them seem to fall on the side of hate.

I strongly felt that others who have not been a part of the movement need to see faces frozen in time. Faces that are often filled with disgust and hate.


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Craig Winsor
cawins California
Craig was made in England, but born in the state of Washington. He was never in any one place for long, as his father’s career usually required a move every three years. Craig has been involved in photography for over 29 years. His first camera was a simple pinhole camera constructed by him and his father when he was a young boy. His love for capturing visual subject matter continued with the guidance of his father, grandfather, and uncle -- all very avid photographers.

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I think this book review thing is not working right... as looking through the book review 2 times revealed it was very very short. I like that you have tried to show that hate and distrust. But, the viewer needs more images. Please continue to document more. Add them now that the law has changed. Show their looks and that perhaps they are winners... or... that they regret the vote they cast. Also try and find ppl that really understand this issue in more intelligent states [perhaps the N E Coast]. I'm encouraging you to accumulate images for a larger book. Also B 4 I go.... Chat with gallery owners and art book sellers.... they will give you the proper perspective to enlarge your photo essey.

All the Best 2 U and U'rs.... KiSSes, LoReaNNa

posted at 02:02pm Jun 30 PST


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