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From the 1940s to the 1980s, Pelham Puppets delighted the imaginations of children throughout the world. Today, those same puppets continue to delight the adults those children became, as well as new collectors and enthusiasts of all ages.

The range of puppets made by the company is quite staggering. Though no-one knows for sure just how many characters were made it is likely to have exceeded 1000, with more than 9 million puppets produced.

This book brings together over 1200 full colour photographs and text, over 400 hundred pages, to provide a comprehensive guide to hundreds of characters produced during the life-time of the company.

The book layout follows each range of characters as they developed over the decades. In many cases it is possible to see how the puppet character design changed according to the times.

The style of photography allows close-up examination of each puppet from different angles, while celebrating the artistry and craftmanship employed by the company.

This is a book as happy on a coffee table as it is in the library of collectors, auctioneers and other enthusiasts.

An absolute must for the serious collector or enthusiast and an invaluable reference tool.


About the Author

Paul Coleman
paulc2326 UK
Formerly a student at London's Goldsmiths' College and The Royal College of Art, I am now a Television Producer and BAFTA nominated TV Director with more than twenty years experience in TV Production. I had many Pelham Puppets as a child and re-discovered them four years ago tucked away in my loft. It then struck me, particularly with the early examples, that in terms of design and craftmanship they had great appeal. I began photographing them at once and found them very photogenic - and so the start of a 'photographic library' began, that now stands in excess of 20000 jpgs. With more than four years of research, these books are a distillation of that library, intended for collectors and enthusiasts that share my belief that these were and are, very special toys.
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