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This is a story about Jack and his life @3. Why should anybody care? He is a normal boy, as normal as boys @3 can be. Temper tantrums are blaring, independence is being established, and he is learning to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and what he can get away with. But, he is the hope and dream of his parents, conceived by miracle or luck, take your pick, after many long years of trying to have children. He is and always will be an only child. Psychologists tells us that learned behavior is solidified at age three. Your mood, mannerisms, character are built. It is amazing how children stumble out of “twos” and “run” out of threes. This is an essay about Jack, an only child, made during his “threes” as he builds the foundation of his existence. That’s no small thing. In fact as adults, we kind of take that for granted but in reality it may just be the most important year of growth in all of life.


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Christopher Tyree
tyree Charlottesville, VA

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