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Malta sits in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea. The language of the country is based on the Arabic language with bits of Italian, French and other European languages thrown in for convenience. Oh yea, everyone is also fluent in English, since it was an English colony prior to its independence.

Its history is rich and diverse with ancient runes, mysteries and amazing preservation of art and architecture form the time of the crusades.

More recently, Malta has become a microcosm of modern times. Limited resources, including food, water and energy, have forced the Maltese to consider how their future will be shaped. In Malta, we see the modern and historical elements of Maltese life intermingled. We wait to see what the future looks like.


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Bradley Striebig
Dr. Bradley A. Striebig is an associate professor of Engineering at James Madison University. He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Penn State University, where he was the head of the Environmental Technology Group at the Applied research Laboratory. He has worked on various water development projects throughout the US as well as in Benin and Rwanda. He continues to work to document sustainable development in this one world.

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