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The images in this book are my attempt to introduce drama and a sense of the ethereal into environments that most people have forgotten, and in some cases would have you believe do not exist.

As industry, technology, politics and finance continue to push the boundaries in a race towards some far off idealist future, the remains of yesterday's 'bright new tomorrows' often lay strewn and forgotten across the land - waiting to be rediscovered... through the art of urban exploration, or urbex.

Although I often use High Dynamic Range processing, Infrared Photography, Selective Colouring... and other 'digital darkroom' techniques to interpret the images I shoot, nothing is added or taken away from the compositions you see. Everything in the frame existed at the moment each photograph was taken.

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About the Author

Paul Osborne
compoundeye Louth, Lincolnshire, England
I’m a self-taught amateur photographer with a strong desire to turn professional. My main influences come from the kind of dilapidated places I had free reign to explore as a child of the 70’s in rural Essex, the surreal architectural images that regularly punctuate my dreams, and a love of graphic lighting and strong scenic composition in films. I’m conscious of wanting to represent subjects in a way they’re not usually seen. Often I find myself in the kind of places few people even know exist, or closing in on an object to the point where it is no longer an identifiable ‘thing’ but an abstract pattern instead. My current works are based around the actual / photographic exploration of how light and shadows define the often derelict spaces they occupy… creating unique, often momentary, ambience which can either reveal or indeed reinterpret the the nature of a place. Maybe through photography I can create my own ‘Imaginary Cinematic Landscape’…

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