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Every day we wake up, have morning coffee, commute to work by foot or more often by train or metro; later go down for lunch from the office, walk along busy streets with a lot of strangers looking similar to us... And we do not pay attention that there are moments when beauty sparkles from this mundane environment and often we are part of it. A long shadow cast by a high building and a passer by, the light trail of a speeding train, light in the night cafes reflected on the wet pavement, or people faces merged into a constant river of movement; people resonating with the streets, melting into one unseparated environment - all this could be unforgettably touching and very poetic. That is what i try to show in my photos in this book.

The majority of photos are taken in London and unnamed in the book. But for a few landmarks I put the title.

the book comprises of two parts.

The first part, "Foggy day" is shorter but very special to me. I think the fog creates this peculiar feeling that everything is illuminated around you by concealing some details and defusing the light..

The second part, "Just a day", is a collection of images which are leading through one more day in a big city..

Please check it out and enjoy.


About the Author

Katia Nosenko
che-burashka London

Londoner passionate about photography

You can find a lot about me there: or, and/or my website above

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rvfinzi says

the first page has left me speechless - and the whole book (preview!) is amazing, katia ... beautiful work!

posted at 01:01pm Oct 31 PST


MashkaC says

Katia, I hope your book wins.. love this one

posted at 06:02am Aug 18 PST

Published December 06, 2011
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