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I just want the words 'out there'.

A Warped Jesters 'Scribblings'

Welcome to my ('Vanilla' version)
This version of my collection of Dark Emotive Poetry from The last 20 years of my life so far, still has all the poems (Minus photos and explanations.)
It makes it cheaper for the prospective buyer who doesn't want the Deluxe version.
Soft cover, hard cover, dust jacket & hard cover image wrap are available.

John Knight has been scribbling his mind onto bits of paper since his school days.
Words eventually used along with his vocal talents on a variety of albums in his successful bands. Highlighted by performances at Donnington Festival 2004 and as support to Iron Maiden as guest of the legendary Steve Harris.
Reviewers around the world were quick to add mention of the words to the songs in a positive light
"Thought provoking words from a stunning wordsmith" Progression Magazine U.S.A
So welcome now to this book of 'scribblings' collected together for the first time and presented to
you fully uncut and ready to take you on a dark journey through a warped jesters mind.

A Deluxe hardcover with 230 pages, full colour pictures and my personal explanations to each poem is also available.
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About the Author

John Knight
A Warped Jesters 'Scribblings '"John Knight's writing encompasses both the grimly realistic and escapist flights of fancy. Often, he combines the two, either by using a fantastical premise to tackle a very earthy subject or by addressing deeply personal issues with obtuse metaphors. His words speak on many levels and come alive when we process them through our own experience. John never preaches and never gives us an answer. Like all good writers, he simply prompts us to ask the questions. Never easy. Never disposable. Sometimes harsh, difficult and uncompromising. But always challenging, provocative and rewarding. Such are the words you will find in this collection. And to be able to say that about a writer, is evidence enough that there is a real and important talent at work."

Publish Date  March 30, 2009

Dimensions  Pocket  126 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Poetry

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