Click to preview RGB COLOR GUIDE | Premium Paper & Custom Workflow(PPCW) photo book

GREAT FOR BLURB BOOK MAKERS! See how a Specific Color Value will look once printed on Blurb printers. Or use as a reference in picking the right background color for your project!

In BookSmart under the color selection picker menu for backgrounds or text, just type in the R=Red Value, G=Green Value, and B=Blue Value of a color you've selected from a printed version of this book. Voila, now you will have the same vibrant green in the book, rather than one that looks good on your monitor but prints out muddy, or too dark!

Pro's use this to fine tune and cross check your Monitor calibration, or even to set up a proof print calibrated printer profile.

MY GOAL is to provide Blurb Members exposure to a tool that may make Blurb Book creation and color printing predictable for those who are new to Blurb Book Making, who may not own monitor calibration kits, or who simple would like the desktop reference when trying to find a color for their Book project, and since these Books are printed through Blurb, you will know the quality to expect when your own book is printed.

(To ensure accuracy choose the same Workflow and Paper Type when ordering this book as the book you will be creating.)

Available in:
Regular Paper, No Custom Workflow $24.45
Regular Paper, w/ Custom Workflow $32.95
Premium Paper, w/ Custom Workflow $37.95

-(Check Blurb Book Title to determine book print type)

Hardcover out soon...

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RGB Color Guide | For Print & Web Design
by HG Design Studios, LLC
Heather N Grimmer

Published March 2009.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9823082-0-2

"RGB Color Guide | For Print & Web Design, is a valuable studio resource for professionals and students, as well as "DIY Website Designers," and those using RGB Automated Conversion Commercial Print Venues.

Included inside this Book is a charted guide of RGB Color Values, a charted guide of Web Safe Color Hex Values, Color Gradients, Image Resolution Comparisons, and Color Isolation Cut-Out Pages.

Whether meeting with a client in order to choose the perfect "RED," or finding just the right color for the Web, this reference book will be your next project's most valuable resource companion. "


About the Author

HG Design Studios, LLC
HGDesignStud New York

Originating in 2004, HG Design Studios, LLC is a New York State based Photography and Graphic Design Firm. Our studios aim to bring creativity, insight and innovation to the "IMAGE" we create for our clients. With Personalized Service and Full Support throughout the Creative Design Process of your book, we want you to be just as excited about receiving your finished masterpiece as we are in creating it for you!

Our Company is also a proud supporter of Art Education. We’ve recently tailored a new book design package for Educators, Artists Groups, and Schools in an effort to build support for Art Education, whereby also providing students and artists with published art works. Every book sold in these purchased design packages earns a donation from our company towards the design package purchasing group’s organization. To see if your organization qualifies, or for more information please visit our site at:

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