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I was given a Holga* for my birthday in August 2006 and have carried it around with me ever since.
This book contains over 100 favourite photographs taken by me between August 2006 and March 2009.
Buy this lovely 114 page book, sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy looking at square photographs of cows, cars, trucks and things that go. Broken glass, decay, rust, concrete statues, doors and doves. Sheds, shacks and boats from Dungeness. People. Old people, young people. Trees and nature and nice things.

*The Holga is very cheap, plastic, medium format film camera. Made in China, its poor construction means that no two Holga's leave the factory quite the same. Light can often leak onto the film and the poor lens causes blur and other distortions. No aperture setting and no real control over the focusing, add to its unique charm.


About the Author

James Arnold
james_arnold England

James is a small, bald photographer, graphic designer and illustrator from Northern England. He likes cheese and pickle sandwiches, composting, and holidays in Cornwall. General hobbies include cycling along country lanes, feeding garden birds, playing the ukulele, and starting small fires.

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michaelalvis says

I received my copy today. Very impressive!

posted at 06:36pm Sep 20 PST


ekims says

really enjoyed it. Maybe a little editing but some absolute standouts and really enjoyed the offsetting of the full page bleeds with matching colours. Look forward to your next book!

posted at 01:14am Jun 29 PST


jaaarn says

Great book and lovely photo's, love it..! feeling inspired to get myslef a holga...!

posted at 05:27am Nov 12 PST


humblenick says

standard setting stuff - really super impressive...

makes me a little intimidated to pick up my holga again!

posted at 03:24am Sep 07 PST


wasteddime says

Of course, you re brill !

posted at 11:55am Aug 18 PST


MRphil says


posted at 03:47pm Jul 30 PST


jojobobo says

i love my book and i try to read it everyday. there aren't many words however so i just spend time looking at the wonderful photos!
you will enjoy it too!

posted at 04:47am Jul 29 PST

Holga Photography 2 - Arts & Photography photo book
Published November 01, 2013
Holga Photography 2 - Arts & Photography photo book
Published November 01, 2013

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