Click to preview ~ pAgE aLrEaDy TuRnEd ~ A retrospection of true love ... photographed and penned by Nandakumar Gowraraju photo book

An attempt to leave something behind before I exit this wonderful planet.

"Different people at different time,
Step in and step out, of our lives,
Right from the day we are born.

As if life is an endless journey,
In a variable manner, time is like waves,
And people are like foot prints on the beach sand,

Time doesn’t stop as well as the waves,
Some people are like the foot prints
At some point they may not stay in our life.

And some relations are like the crabs on the sea shore,
Relations like mom, dad, brothers and sisters
Will withstand the waves and stay in our life

No matter how many waves it faces.
My dear sweet little cute chubby
You were neither a conventional foot step nor a crab,

When I tried to measure your foot prints,
I wasn’t so astonished, as I already know the level of it,
But for the world’s sake, I have no other option but to tell.

Your foot prints are like the whole sea shore,
You haven’t spared even a tiny little space in my heart.
It’s undoubtedly the beauty of merciless.

Neither I, nor the time waves can take you away.
Even GOD acknowledged that,
They don’t carry out any exceptional job out there."

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated (famous quote). This book is for the souls who have experienced and missed real love in their own life. It will be retrospection indeed. I have made sincere efforts to make this book as good as it can be delivered from me. I would like to pour tons of thanks to my dear most friends for supporting and encouraging my photographic skills and helped me in reviewing my writings. Have a great jaunt with the tormented soul …


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