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Wander through Asia with the photographer and look into the eyes of its people. This collection of portraits provides a glimpse of people of all ages and from all walks of life; asking the questions: How are the people of the world alike? How are they different? What are their thoughts? Are they happy, sad, alone, poor? These images are an attempt to delve into the hearts and feelings behind the eyes, to discover the personality of a person and the country which he or she belongs .As you peruse the pages, what stories will you discover?
From Japan to India, this collection spans a part of Asia that draws the adventurous traveler. Hopefully, these portraits will inspire you to visit Asia and learn about its people along the way; or perhaps spark a memory, a vision, from your own travels.


About the Author

Corinne Vail
Corky Currently Schweinfurt, Germany

As a child, wife, teacher, and global citizen, Corinne Vail has traveled extensively throughout the world and has enjoyed each and every step along the way.Her camera has been her companion as she has documented her travels from the age of 12.
She currently lives in Schweinfurt, Germany with her husband. Feel free to visit her website at to see more of her work.

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