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The world of climbing is dangerous and diffficult by all measures. But to climbers, it offers a degree of freedom unparalleled and worth the risk for exhilarating and unforgettable experiences. These photographs capture a select few moments of these UPS and DOWNS in mountaineering, rock climbing, and ice climbing.
From the award winning collection of adventure photographer William Pelander.
Spectacular photographs of ice climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering, and the scenery viewed previously by only a select few in the world.


About the Author

William Pelander
wpelander Denver, Colorado

William Pelander-
Books available on this site: By The Way (scenery locations in the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe from a unique perspective); Ups And Downs (rock and ice climbing in the US, Canada, Europe); In Your Face (selected images of faces worth a second look); A Different Chloe (a 9 year old's perspective of personal ambition); Basenji Italian Greyhound Rescue (the story of 2 dog rescues, Henry and Nell); The MotherHouse - A Journey To The Sisters Of Charity Of Leavenworth (a photodocumentary of the place called home by a Catholic order of Sisters in Kansas); and Greyson - An Italian Greyhound Rescue (the journal of an Italian Greyhound rescue's 1st year after finding his forever home.)

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stpf8 says

This is an incredibly striking book. The photos are exquisite, breathtakingly beautiful, and offer a glimpse into a world that relatively few of us will know. I'll be able to experience rock climbing only in a vicarious way, and Bill's book does it for me. It's simply stunning photography.

posted at 09:00am Sep 15 PST


mstarret says

Breath-taking images.

posted at 04:55pm Jul 22 PST


SparkleSuz says

WOW, what stunning photography. I actually feel like I'm THERE, hangning off the side of a rock myself.
Very talented, gifted artist.
Great work, I'd love to frame every pic in here.

posted at 09:21pm Sep 28 PST

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