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I began the Berlin Wall project in 1997.
I created a series, using photographs of my body and superimposing images I had taken of the remains of The Berlin Wall and other objects and places that were significant or had a resonance with this subject matter. The work was a means of reflecting on my life in East Berlin where I was brought up, two years after the wall was built, it is concerned with the brutal reality of the concrete wall that dominated every aspect of my life; any possibilities for creative pursuits were dictated by the restrictions of communism that the wall represented The second chapter was created after photographing Forbidden Places, such as the former headquarters of the Ministry of State Security (STASI) in Berlin. The third chapter Reminiscence focuses on my life now in England where the creative possibilities are limitless for me. In my photographic work I have become fascinated with the play of light in the reflections on the surface of water and the patterns of skeletal branches against the cloudless sky.


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Christiane Zschommler
chriszsch England

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