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The Lord's Prayer is central to the practise of the Christian faith. This musical setting is scored for an 'a cappella' choir comprising soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass singers; but is also suitable for either a soprano or tenor solo. The setting would generally be accompanied on the organ, but orchestral and band parts are included, as is a piano part for rehearsal. The organ part is entire and may be played as an organ solo. The alto saxophone part may be played expressively, and it makes a fine solo with organ accompaniment. The setting is suitable for congregational singing.


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artlook Christchurch, New Zealand
Born 1940, in New Zealand Army 1960 -1964 serving in Malaya for two years. Founded the Ron Naylor Art School in 1964. Trained as an organist and compose for that instrument and symphonies for orchestra. Started breeding rhododendrons in 1985.

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artlook says

Thanks for your comment.

My Blurb book images have printed well. Because the printing process is generally based on red, yellow,blue, and black, images need to be brightened to reproduce correctly. I use Adobe Photoshop for this. Bleeding out the middle tones could happen if the image is brightened too much. I don't change the contrast, just the brightness.

It was necessary to republish one book that had a glaring mistake in a subtitle. The books have to be republished every year from the date of the last sale anyway, so I just bit the bullet.

Blurb books are printed on high resolution Hewlitt Packard printers that are in essence extremely high quality laser printers, which explains of course how it is possible to print such low runs of a book or even a single copy.

Visited your website at
and the artwork of Danny O is extraordinary! Excellent!


posted at 02:01pm Jan 25 PST


jelysm says

Thank you kindly for the comment on Frost. Just got your comment this morning.

Unfortunately, when we received our copies, there are 2 other books (Patient Roots & Hampton), they were printed much, much darker than how they shot. All the mid tones lost.

You state that you have approx 20 books. They print ok for you? Any tips?

I just opened your site, Very accomplished.

We are working on ours, but it is if you'd like to take a peek. We live in New Hampshire on the coast in the States.

Thank you

posted at 05:54am Jan 25 PST

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