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As a teenager in the late seventies, I would sometimes buy the Start & Speed magazine, and was fascinated by the drag racing pictures and customized cars. Since the environment I grew up in, was not very drag racing friendly, the interest unfortunately died out and was forgotten.

About fifteen years later, while having breakfast one morning, I saw an ad in the paper that
drag racing competitions were going to take place out on the small airstrip nearby where I lived. So together with my curious girlfriend I went out to see what was going on. It turned out to be a connection to my childhood and a rekindling of something forgotten.

Every year since the late nineties, with the exception of 2007, I have visited the FIA/UEM Drag Racing Competition, which is held once a year at Mantorp Park, Sweden. The pictures in this book were taken during the races in 2006 and 2008.

At the racetrack, it’s like being in a whole different world compared to what I am used to in my everyday work as a photographer. It has become the only "must do" when it comes to hobbies.

Special thanks to Ulf Ögge and the members of Öggeracing Team BikeLine and to
Håkan Nilsson with his Veidec/Landmeco Top Fuel Team.


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Lars Owesson
LarsOwesson Malmo, Sweden

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silversalver says

dear owesson great photos i hope to have aphoto book out soon photos taken at santa pod uk i had trouble geting the sence of speed(which you have shot so well )i am a butler by trade

posted at 03:53pm Oct 05 PST


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