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“Visions of Birds” is a coffee table photography book of birds by a veteran newspaper photographer from Virginia. His work is a labor of love and a stress release from photographing national politics in Washington, D.C. The book encompasses birds in his backyard of his home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the coastal area of Virginia where he grew up.


About the Author

Douglas Graham
wdg1313 Bluemont, Virginia, USA

Douglas Graham is a photojournalist by profession. A career newspaper photographer since 1982, he has been in the middle of some of the most important news stories of the past two decades. Graham has been chased by a crackhead trying to steal his cameras, slammed into by a bank robber during a high-speed chase, tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, spit on by protesters, arrested and shook the hand of the President in the Oval Office—while winning many national and international photography awards along the way.

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tim20141 says

I purchased this book because I love photography and birding and I live in the area of Virginia where some of the photos were taken.

I have to say I was blown away, and I'm a veteran photographer who remembers shaking tanks to process both black-and white and color film. We would await those wet, sloppy negatives and peek at them dripping as we hung to dry before cutting them into strips to fit neatly into plastic sleeves. And that was just a few years ago!

This book is beautiful in every sense. It captures the beauty and rich diversity of wildlife and scenery in Virginia and nearby areas, but it is also artfully designed and laid out. It is a pleasure to hold and to enjoy each page.

I'm very impressed also by the quality of the printing and reproduction. The photos snap right off the page and come to life.

I wish I could shoot like this guy.And I wouldn't mind owning that artillery cannon of a lens he has in his portrait either, but then again I guess if I could shoot like him I could afford the lens.


posted at 05:20pm Jul 23 PST

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