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Bokeh: (from the Japanese boke, or blur)

Bokeh is a photographic term that addresses the of out-of-focus areas of an image or photo that was produced by the lens of a camera. Different lens types can create a wide range in the amounts of bokeh thus producing different visual qualities in out-of-focus backgrounds. Notice in portrait photography blur or bokeh reduces surrounding distractions allowing your eye to focus on the main subject.

Funny, I failed to realize that I've been doing it all along.....bokeh, that is. I've become a big fan of bokeh images and photos surfacing all over flickr and the rest of the Internet. It's not new, but I've just become very aware of how many people are shooting this kind of photo. Over the past 7-8 years, I used photoshop and other image editing applications to create larger amounts of blur (bokeh) in my photos. The photos were shot with my trusty point-n-shoot camera, the Canon S-500 Digital ELPH. The Canon S-500 can take decent portraits but it lack the large amount of blur I truly wanted....enter Photoshop.

I'm now shooting with a Pentax K10D along with lenses that will create wonderful amounts of bokeh right out of the camera. I may have found my calling....after all these years. To celebrate my new found joy, will serve as a collection of bokeh images as photographed by me. I'm not a professional photographer, just a guy with a camera...and a vision. The majority of these images will contain very little post processing, but only done to further enhance the visual quality of the image.

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Randy C. Brown

Randy C. Brown


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