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Looking at Nathan Heatley’s photographs, one participates in the psychology of abandonment and loneliness. Nathan forces the viewer to participate. The rural foothills of Virginia set the stage for Nathan’s subject matter, but, the real focus is the interior spaces and extreme closeups. Using black and white film photography, Nathan provides us with a unique view of Rockbridge County, Virginia. This rural setting accentuates the feeling of desolation. The focus of his photographs provides us with a sense of solitude and entropy. Dwellings and vehicles created for basic human requirements are tossed away and left to the omnipresent power of the elements. In Nathan’s own words, " I have photographed the trucks, houses, and property that lose importance over the years due to progress and technology”. Abandoned Virginia is a unique collection of “what is left.” (Excerpt from foreword)
Wayne A. Baker


About the Author

Nathan Heatley
kerouac123 Goochland, Va.

Nathan Heatley has been an elementary art teacher in Roanoke City Schools, and for 20 years in the Henrico County Schools. He received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993. Heatley has explored many forms of media as an artist—painting, sculpture, and ceramics, but he fell in love with the dimensionality of photography. Though born in North Carolina, he spent his formative years and developed artistically in Lexington, Virginia. Lexington and its surrounding counties became a playground of discovery for him with their vast array of "abandoned" relics strewn across fields and foothills. After discovering the square layout of medium format film, Nathan enjoyed the challenge of reexamining the composition and changing from traditional rectangular format films. He uses a twin lens reflex camera, the Yashicamat 124G, with which the majority of the photographs in this book have been taken. Nathan is testing the waters with some digital photography but still loves the tex

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