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Demeter finally tells the truth and allows Persephone to persuade her into hosting a reunion for Ananke and Sethan. But trouble is brewing. What is supposed to be a joyous occasion, has been marred by the dark forces of the human heart. Caprina. Prophetess of the Moon Magic, sister of HIM, and once the beloved childhood friend of Ananke, is harbouring an ancient grudge and vows to get revenge.

The last remanents of Persephone's innocence is shattered as she is forced to face the truth that no matter how hard she tries to make right all the injustices Sethan has incurred, the God's of Fate and Time have their own hidden agenda. She must accept her tragic destiny.

Meanwhile, Steven rages at Seffy's insistance that he is indeed connected to the diabolical Trickster. He accuses her of being "insane" for even suggesting such a thing. Because of his refusal to face the truth of who he really is, Seffy enlists the aid of Dora and Cathy. Together they hatch a plan to finally give Steven his comuppence. The three women gleefully become united as Secret Sisters of the Persephone Society.

Dora's husband Ely finds something unexpected while digging the ground for a new pit-fire he is building. Unbeknownst to him, it poses a grave danger to all who come near it. He excitedly shows his "find" to Dora and Seffy, who immediately become alarmed. They assumed it was buried forever. But evil never dies.

The Adventures of Persephone: Daybook III


About the Author

Victoria Golos

A native New Yorker, Victoria Golos left her home at the age of fifteen, a season after the "Summer of Love."

Her interest in the subconscious aspects of the human psyche and the use of symbolism to express a state of mind, is reflected in her unique vision.

University of "Learning from Life's Experiences"---

--"Where I am a perpetual student of human nature and the natural world in which I live, love , and laugh."

Publish Date  April 26, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  60 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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