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"You prophesy by the spirit of the Lord by the anointing that is upon your life which was imparted unto you by your mentor."

This course from E.O.A. School of the Five Fold Ministry is informative and enlighting. You Have to Stay Humble With Your Prophetic Gift exhorts and edifies readers who are dedicated to perfecting their gifts.


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Blessed Generations Inc.
blessedbgm7 South Bend, Indiana

Bishop Apostle Patricia E. Payton-Hardin, born in Gary, In. Founder, Pastor, Overseer of Blessed Generations Ministries Inc. and Eric O. Allen School of the Five Fold Ministry, a class taught through Blessed Generations by an independent curriculum. She is an apostle called and chosen to prepare the FIve Fold Ministry for the work of the kingdom according to Ephesians 4:11,12. Apostle Patricia resides in South Bend IN. with her anointed husband, Apostle Frank Hardin III. known as Mr. and Mrs. Keeping it Real.

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