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I have completed a quarter of my life. A quarter of a century. I still have a long way to go, but here is the culmination of my thoughts and observances thus far- told in poetry and pictures. This is the bit of sense that I can make out of it all.

In summation: the world is a dizzy, complex, beautiful place.

I truly am going to need the next three quarters to figure the rest of it out...But maybe at least by sharing this book with you, I can add a bit more clarity to your own experience.


About the Author

Amanda F. Healy
DramaBB82 Pennsylvania
I am a writer/photographer/bohemian trapped in the body of a corporate employee. Or maybe I'm a circus performer who has perfected the expert act of balancing the real world with the dream world. Either way, I've put a few bits of expression out there, in the form of poetry, plays, and photos. It would be the highest honor if you'd give my work a second look. Thank you.

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