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View From Eye Level - Part 1 is a project that was designed to drive my photography forward and to develop new and interesting skills.

With images from around Scotland, St. Petersburg (Russia) and Germany, the VFEL project has taken me many wonderful places and presented lots of photographic opportunities that I just couldn't miss.

Spanning 140 pages the VFEL Pt.1 book is crammed full of vivid colour, monochrome, texture, shape and form. It has sweeping landscapes, gorgeous Scottish Highlands, famous (and not so famous) Scottish landmarks as well as the added beauty and intrigue of St. Petersburg. VFEL seems to have it all.

I am extremely pleased with the project and am very excited for others to see it as well.

Note: Book is printed on the finest quality paper Blurb do so you can be assured you receive only the best.

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About the Author

Photographer & Designer. Based in Scotland. View From Eye Level (VFEL) is my Annual photojournal within which I keep memories from our life as it passes so quickly by. This year's VFEL is a beauty.

Comments (5)


capability says

I enjoyed viewing this book immensely a great variety of subjects, taken from very differing angles, bought it to inspire my husband who is interested in photography.

posted at 04:19am Jul 30 PST


geralynn10 says

its nice to see some of the beautiful scenes around scotland aswell as st petersburg. it really is amazing how breathtaking some of the the things you might pass by everyday are. if only you slowed down to take them in. nice writing style too, too the point and casual, keeping the interest of new young people interested in developing their skills and ideas wether it be for fun or for professional use. happy snapping G :)

posted at 08:29am Jul 29 PST


Sereia74 says

This is a wonderfully crafted book with images that capture different moods and shades. The photographer has an eye for the details that go unnoticed, the ones we pass by every day on the way to work, that stare us in the face a million times without effect, and that flicker in our peripheral vision. Likewise, he notices the blatant power of a mountain or the quiet beauty of a sunset. Overall, a great reference for inspiration and contemplation.

posted at 04:19am Jul 24 PST


thestuntman says

I was shown this book recently and found it a real treat. I kept going back to it and finding different things in all the photographs every time. Its a real journey and so well put together, you can really see the thought and effort put in. From breathtaking mountain top views to eye popping st petersburg architecture, quirky and strange details and just beautiful pictures, I enjoyed flicking through it and wondering what was next. A thick book as well, with lots of stuff. I especially loved the intro and summary text, really framed the whole thing and gave it a fascinating edge. Well done and good luck!

posted at 03:43am Jul 24 PST


PonyPaparazi says

This is a fantastic collection of varied imagery, the photographer has not defined himself to any single subject but a really fascinating view on life in quite an inspiring way. It made me pick up my camera and look through the lens to see photographs from a whole new angle. Looking forward to your next book!!!! Good luck and have fun snapping away.

posted at 03:32am Jul 24 PST


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