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Ana Ilic
Ana Ilić was born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1985. Despite living through a genocidal civil war she succeeded in turning her trauma into art of a high order and has had successful exhibitions in several countries. After her initial training at the Belgrade School of Design she further enhanced her talents and skills at the Cambridge Schools of Art. This unique combination of life death and the transformation of suffering into beauty is captured in this, her first book published in English, the remarkably successful photographic narrative: “Beware of the Dog”. Currently, Ana is working on two new books and an extended series of short films.

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dutchman88 says

More than meets the eye...get some

posted at 02:02pm Jul 31 PST


niki88 says

liked a lot

posted at 12:23pm Jul 30 PST


nenadvet says

great thing, I am suppressed

posted at 09:42am Jul 30 PST


secmanser says

I saw the authors work at her exhibition sponsered by Cambridge University in England, and, together with many others, found myself overwhelmed by both the artist and her work. Beauty and excellance in one. What a winning combination ! Please keep me posted on her future works as I'm sure her work will become collectable.

posted at 08:45am Jul 30 PST


mandjalica says

Something new and inovative; Makes your thoughts start spinning around which is only the bliss of remarkable art .
Nadja Krneta

posted at 06:37am Jul 30 PST


mattbucannon says

my friend told me about your work but hi newer told me how good are you. EXTATIC

posted at 04:28am Jul 30 PST


mattbucannon says

my friend told me

posted at 04:26am Jul 30 PST


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