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Suppose you're in a big room and all the windows are blinded. Would you want to see what's on the other side of the wall? You know what is inside and you may like it or you may not. It's a matter of taste and circumstance. Still, we are only too willing to believe that things are better on the other side. It's just that the world is full of walls, fences and borders. You long to climb the fence, to see through the blind wall. We'd like to think that if we really try we can.

Now suppose you do see because light is seeping through the canvas. Is what I see what's actually there? All is indefinite so you can't be too sure. Out there it looks like woods and trees and maybe a building or a tower. I can almost smell the spring leaves but the view is blurred and the trees keep aloof. At first it looks idyllic but what are those ghostly forms looming below? The white bursts of light seem to come from nowhere and the greens are slightly unsettling. It may be a good thing to know what's on the other side. If only we could see through the wall.


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Arjen Rienks
arienks The Netherlands

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