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Whenever you enter into a new territory or into new worlds, your eyes and your spirit become open, you perceive something new and you begin to sense what is newly possible. This is most true in the life of the artist and in the world of art.

Istvan Ocztos conceived GAME2. He made this new artistic territory available to the global artist community via the tool of the internet. He invited open participation into his game. Offering a visual suggestion of simple forms, he encouraged each artist to perceive and to take within themselves his primitively simple images and then to creatively birth their own work to carry out this game.

GAME2.… a creative thought spark in the mind of one Hungarian artist man has grown into a single collective work. This collection consists of 116 works created by the hands of 38 artists working and living from their studios in 14 countries. Each work reflects and answers Istvan’s visual suggestion. Each work is unique in color
form texture and medium, expressing each artistes’ individual style and perception.

A Common thread runs thru the heart of the individual artist, it is the desire to dance, to play, to express and to inspire one another. Individually, in the solitude our studios scattered across the world, most of us have a secret desire to connect with the heart of our fellow artists. When I discovered Istvan’s invitation to come play in GAME2, it was that very childlike desire to connect which moved me to participate.
I see now that we have become a new territory…
a new International artiste family.… the virtual children of GAME2.

We invite you to come see and play.

Suzanne Marie Lambert
Artist France / USA

78 + 4 cover pages, full color

The all Participants in the Book:

Aischa - Maruta Linkevica / Germany
Amelia Arranz / Spain
Angela Markante / Germany
Anna Topilina / Germany
Cadiou / France
Corinne Feray / France
Cristina Homem de Mello / Portugal
Deborah Eileen Burrow / United Kingdom
Eleni Koritou / Greece
Emoke / France - Hungary
Etheri Kakulia / Ukraine
Eva Maria Espejo / Spain
Kerstin Panter / Germany
Leif Höggren - Enza / Sweden
Lyency / USA - Hungary
Magali Senaya - Moo's Art / France
Malusha Odehnal / Germany
May Hege Rygel / Norway
Nath Loolaye / France
Nishi / Japan
Paloma Jaen / Spain
Paola Luciani / Italy
Pascale Kutner / France
Pierre Bonnal / France
Robert Alan / USA
Sandra Coassin / France
Silvia Faini / Italy
Simone Yvette Halloran / Australia
Suzanne Marie Lambert / France - USA
Tamás Nagy / Hungary
Zsuzsa Klemm / Germany - Hungary


About the Author

Istvan Ocztos
IstvanOcztos Hungary

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