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These photos express my deepest belief that there is art in every living moment – even those that appear prosaic or mundane. I never cease to be amazed by the honesty of the human spirit, spontaneous moments balanced by a quiet affinity and the profundity to be found in even the most fleeting, everyday occurrence. To me, it is all iconic and extraordinary, worth capturing and immortalizing.

This book contains images from New York, Saskatchewan, Hawaii, SE Asia and New Zealand.


About the Author

Tracey Tomtene Photography
huggeroftree Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Tracey Tomtene grew up and has lived in various parts of Western Canada and has also made temporary homes abroad in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Although she studied business in university, it was a black and white darkroom photography course that would reveal her subsequent craft.

For the last 7 years, she has honed her techniques through the course of her travels using both traditional and digital photography equipment. Past photo essays have taken her to various destinations across Europe, SE Asia and North America. Group exhibitions include 'Streets' and 'Salon' at Exposure Gallery in Vancouver, BC  and 'In Transit' at the Depot Artspace in Auckland, NZ. Most recently, she exhibited a photo slideshow, taken at Rockaway Beach, Queens, in front of the NY photo world at David Alan Harvey's 'At Home' Workshop in Brooklyn.

Her photographs have been published in The Bud (Indonesia), Signature (Canada) and Geist (Canada). She currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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