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This is a collection of photographs of artwork generated by Nature and arranged by the Pacific Ocean. What that means is, these are "as shot". No posing or set ups. And minor, if any, software manipulation. Just as I found them.

Most of the photos are of stuff found in the sand, but once in a while there might be a person or bird. Mostly though, it is sealife. Alive or dead. Shells, driftwood, seaweed and seagrass. Ripples and water.


About the Author

Bob Wall
BTWGF San Jose, California

While I do consider photography an art, I don't think of myself as an artist. I tend to be too analytical for that. I rarely shoot for "feeling", but more often for something others might not see. Or just to capture a moment in time.

I like to shoot the objects you see everyday, but maybe from a slightly different angle. Or focus a little closer on something you might ordinarily overlook. Instead of the big picture, I might focus on the little things in that picture. Anybody can shoot a building; I want to shoot what is unique about that building.

Using photography, I want to make you think. I want people to pay attention to what's around them. Break out of their box. Look at the knotholes in a tree; look at a rain-soaked parking lot; look at the shapes and colors in something as simple as an awning. Stand by the railroad tracks when a freight train goes by and look at the grafitti on the railcars. Some of it is really pretty good.

Publish Date  May 17, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  60 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Arts & Photography

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