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This body of work explores the skeletal structure of boats, bridges, buildings, scaffolding and shipwrecks which are rendered in charcoal and wax.

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1."A decade of Painting"...a 10 year retrospective of paintings in chronological order.

2."A Decade of Painting"...a 10 year retrospective of paintings in reverse chronological order.


About the Author

Shelley Mansel
shelbows Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am a full-time artist. I was born in Langley, British Columbia and currently live and work in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I studied in the BFA Program at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. My work is represented by Gallery Page and Strange (Halifax) and Ingram Gallery (Toronto).

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shelbows says

My reference photos were pretty clear for the most part, but naturally lent themselves to a blurred treatment, especially apparent after the wax was applied. I agree, Photoshop is incredibly useful for so many manipulations of an image. I use it a lot, but mostly to simplify light, contrast, and composition.
Thanks for taking a look. I'm flattered...and a bit starstruck, I have to say. Your work is inspirational !!

posted at 09:02am Nov 19 PST


bmarchessaul says

Excellent work. I can imagine the gritty charcoal on the paper. Lovely.

Do the original photos have the same power? I'm curious and would enjoy the seeing them too. The charcoal creates halation fringes around the edges of objects - are these there in the photos? You can get them in photos too using Photoshop layers with Gaussian blur set on a duplicate layer and tweaking the level of opacity.

posted at 06:12am Nov 19 PST

A Decade of Painting - Fine Art photo book
Published May 27, 2009
A decade of painting - Fine Art photo book
Published June 26, 2008

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