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"Susie and Tommy Make a Baby" is a parody on books such as "Where Do Babies Come From?". It is an exaggerated statement to inform people on what is happening to the youth, such as teen pregnancy.
Note: I am not a doctor this is a completely fictional book.


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Heather Colley
Heather_Love Ohio, US

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MisterHappy1 says

I wonderful book for children. well done!!! :( please check out (and comment ,if you like) my photo book, for grown ups ...Meet Mr Happy. a fun lighthearted girls view of a Penis! :) hope you like it!!!! thanks Happy Girl :)

posted at 02:52pm May 16 PST


ericabrock says

hey I voted for your book it is cute and i loved how you used emma in there but i voted for you....good luck

posted at 07:38pm Jul 28 PST


la1135 says

just voted for this book- hilarious exaggeration of kids growing up too fast...presented in a fun and creative way-
way to go!!!

posted at 07:54am Jul 25 PST


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