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Reptiles and amphibians, along with arachnids, invertebrates and other 'exotic' creatures are often seen in a bad light. The term cold-blooded for instance conjures up the image of an evil, cold, emotionless creature.

These creatures actually have complex social lives and behavioural patterns. Some have elaborate courtship rituals, others have complex social structures and hierarchies, some even have strong paternal instincts and will protect their young until they can fend for themselves. Recent documentaries, such as David Attenborough's 'Life in Cold Blood' have started to explain these complex animals, and dispel a bit of the myth and ill-feeling toward them.

In this book I have attempted to show these creatures in a different sort of light. I have applied the same techniques that I would use to take a person's portrait to the way I have photographed these animals, and I believe these portraits help to show a little character and depth to these often misunderstood animals.

Jonathan Carre


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Jonathan Carre
neogfx Plymouth, Devon, UK

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