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This book is a fundraiser for an organization called "Mitakuera" that helps over 100 children from a very poor neighborhood, called Remansito, just outside of Asuncion, Paraguay. This book was put together through the efforts of nine amateur photographers who were born in other places, but have decided to make Paraguay their home, at least for a little while. Most of the photographers whose art is displayed in this book are also very active members of Mitakuera, and spend their Sunday mornings doing reading, math and art activities with the kids. All of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to "Mitakuera". For more information about the organization, please see our Facebook group – “Mitakuera”.


About the Author

Alison Hoeman

I am a teacher who has spent most of my career at American Schools in Central and South America. I am currently living in Asuncion, Paraguay, where I became involved with the Mitakuera organization and the amazing Paraguayans who spend their time and money to make it happen.

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