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The photos in this book were taken on a one-day visit to New York City in Sept. 2008 as part of a transatlantic cruise. We toured the city by bus and by catamaran. While editing the photos for a "normal" photobook I started playing around with some of the photographic effects available in my PaintShop editing program. It was a lot of fun and I decided to do a book of the newly created photos - different perspective on an often photographed city.


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Lori Boyle
loricherokee Portland, ME, USA

I'm a retired legal secretary whose favorite pasttimes are travel and photography. My husband & I prefer cruising to land tours & my first two Blurb books were photo records of our stops in Quaqortoq,Greenland. & NYC. The 3rd book is a photo story of our cat Mitzi. I've also done a photobook of our first 19 months in ME

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tarabeyer says

Hi Lori, Thanks for the comment on our first publication! Do you sell any of your books through Blurb? We are curious how to price and collect for these on this engine. Curious...

posted at 11:59am Oct 07 PST


janetgoldenb says

Liked the illusions, they could be framed individually.

posted at 05:52am Aug 09 PST

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