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I have two nieces, one is a size 2
& everyone always tells her how beautiful she is
& how she must be a model.
Her sister, my other niece,
has taken a back seat &
you guessed it... is not a size 2.

I don't know when this
idea of beauty and being thin
began this hand in hand relationship
but I do know as I thumb through fashion magazines
like Vogue & Bazaar I choke down the harsh reality
of what my nieces go through with
a taste of the reality of this 'skinny beauty'
society we've created.

We are doing a disservice to young
girls everywhere and we don't even
apologize for it. Through fashion magazines,
music videos and pop icons being shaped and
manicured before our own eyes &
society has forced a pencil thin stereotype
on all of our young.

We even promote that being thin
equals being healthy. I ask, at what point
does it become too thin? Too unhealthy?
The same can be said about weight gain, I know.
But somehow looking from the sidelines I
just don't see my 'not a size 2' niece getting
as many benefits, perks, compliments or opportunities.

In fact, this 'double standard' has created a
wedge of discontent and competition
between the two sisters. While one enjoys the spotlight of
attention & the other sits in silence
wondering why the world can
be so unfair.

In this photo book, I choose to prove something
visually to the world at large and my
wonderful nieces...
both originals in their own right.

You DO NOT have to be a size 2 to be beautiful, healthy and wonderful!

OLAN/Artist 2009

BELOW, a personal note that made my day about the book:

"Hi Olan:

Came across your new book on Blurb –

Although I’ve made peace with the “(it’s such a shame) You have such pretty face” comments I’ve received in my 45 years on this earth… the description you wrote for your book still brought tears to my eyes.

Your nieces – both – are so lucky to have you as their Uncle.



About the Author

Olan Montgomery
Olanscooter New York, New York United States

I create my paintings from my own photographs. They are a combination of my photos handpainted on canvas.

My work has a simple message: see the individual through color and light. by doing so, one's individuality can be more fully understood.

It is a visual stimulation to remind people to simply look at one another and see through the layers of a complex personality. In our world today fame and pop stardom are sometimes reduced to “5 seconds of fame”.

In some respects we can blame (or thank) the mass media for contributing to a jaded social value of “been there, done that”.
Regardless, my work is an effort to
capture an essence within that fleeting context and place it into a perpetual freezeframe. why can’t a nano-second last forever? -

"Olan's pop art explodes off the canvas like fireworks, both contemplating and celebrating the beauty of the individual." - Jennifer Cattaul for MAR Magazine - July-Aug 2006

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emmajoan says

beautiful book.

posted at 05:44pm Aug 12 PST


nhlebris says

amazing... beautiful ladies! and great concept!

posted at 05:52am Aug 07 PST


val1000 says

Finally a book that shows real women and how beautiful they truly are!!!!

posted at 02:03pm Jul 29 PST


val1000 says

Now those are some full fledge women, absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for showing the world REAL women!!!

posted at 01:47pm Jul 29 PST


Victoria6682 says

Amazing book! Great concept and very deserving of the people's choice award.

posted at 01:27pm Jul 29 PST

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