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Photos from Texas, New York, Vermont, Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, South Africa and Namibia taken by the author.

As soon as I put the battery in my first digital camera, the camera started showing me things I'd never seen. Before long, it started taking me places I'd never been. The camera is insatiable. It's filled my passport with stamps and visas. It's convinced me to let go of many things which didn't fit within the confines of two suitcases and reduced me to a shoestring budget. It's dragged me onto crowded planes, trains, buses, boats, cars and motorcycles in ill-repair. It's caused me to get kicked in the knee by a mule, tossed off of an ornery elephant and have tree branches hurled at me by a feisty orangutan. It's helped me to meet amazing people, then forced me to say countless painful goodbyes. It's shown me the world's stunning beauty, but also highlighted its outrageous and widespread inequalities. It's taken me on many detours. Some obvious, and some I could never describe. Luckily, the camera tells much better stories than I do. My attempts to create other agendas for myself have been dubious, but the camera generally seems to get its way. I hope one day to convince it to do bigger things for the greater good. But for now, the camera insists on speaking its mind. This book is its soap box.
-Matt Styslinger


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