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'little things green' is a photo book of nature and all of it's beauty including us. The book includes images taken across the United States from Miami up through Delaware and New York to Kentucky blue grass and on to the Grand Canyon.

It's my hope that the images inspire people to be more caring for the people, plants and animals around them every day.

My mom wrote the poem that is throughout the book - one whe created when i was a young boy working on her 'Thoughts for Children to Grow By" book.
That's it in a nutshell, banana leaf....


About the Author

Olan Montgomery
Olanscooter New York, New York United States
I create my paintings from my own photographs. They are a combination of my photos handpainted on canvas. My work has a simple message: see the individual through color and light. by doing so, one's individuality can be more fully understood. It is a visual stimulation to remind people to simply look at one another and see through the layers of a complex personality. In our world today fame and pop stardom are sometimes reduced to “5 seconds of fame”. In some respects we can blame (or thank) the mass media for contributing to a jaded social value of “been there, done that”. Regardless, my work is an effort to capture an essence within that fleeting context and place it into a perpetual freezeframe. why can’t a nano-second last forever? - "Olan's pop art explodes off the canvas like fireworks, both contemplating and celebrating the beauty of the individual." - Jennifer Cattaul for MAR Magazine - July-Aug 2006

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