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Horses are catalysts for personal growth, and their irrepressible spirit reaches out to us in surprising ways. Just as horses in life can carry us farther than we could walk alone, so too can the spirits of horses carry us on our inner journeys, on pathways the horses are familiar with, but which we may have never traversed. My artwork and writings seek to give the viewer the ability to choose symbolic horses to carry them on their journeys.

Since 2007, I have been writing weekly e-inspirational messages of my artwork and writings to share with my online subscribers. Within a short time over 2,000 people had signed up! People requested I publish them in book, so thanks to self-publishing this magic can now happen.


About the Author

Kim McElroy
spirithorses Kingston, WA

KIM McELROY is renowned for her equine art. ~ for over two decades her pastels have graced popular greeting cards and collectibles, pastel originals and fine art prints. Her visions of horses portray the power and beauty of the horse's form and offer us a timeless glimpse of its soul.

Now in this exciting collection, Kim shares her artwork along with writings that celebrate her passion for horses; a passion that is fueled by her own inspirations and profound journeys of healing. Her lifelong love of horses and her desire to communicate her intuitive understanding of their wisdom combines with her creative gifts to imbue her artwork with the spirit of the horse.

These writings were created from Kim's weekly e-inspirational emails - Please visit Kim's website to sign up for her free E-Inspirations and enjoy her other offerings. Also enjoy her blog at

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JBrannigan says

Beautiful - very special!

posted at 04:27am Oct 03 PST


spiritof76 says

Throughout the years I loved and rode my black 32-year old TN Walking Horse, Midnight Spirit of 76, I was drawn to Kim McElroy's cards, art, and writings with her own unique "spirit" of creativity. Her book, "Inspirations of Being" reflects the same connection and attraction. My favorite page is whichever one I'm mounted on--often the "Eyes of Wisdom" or "Visions of Eternity".

Kim truly touches one's soul by her stroke of the pen and brush. Readers of this heart-warming book will want and hope it will run as head of the herd of several upcoming happy book trails to be blazed of more of her past and future artwork. Saddle up your comfortable place and enjoy the read!

Becky Fragasse
Nashville, TN

posted at 11:59am Sep 08 PST


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