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The mystery wrapped up in the creation of beautiful intricate henna tattoos unwrapped making it easy for even the novice to create a impressive henna tattoo in just a few minutes.

This book takes a no nonsense step by step approach to henna, with loads of photos along the way. The reader is taken from curiosity stright to the "doing phase." The tattoo process is segmented in to a few simple steps and viola! a beautiful tattoo is the result.

For a warm -up to what's inside the covers of this little gem have a peek at this three minute warm up video.


About the Author

Brenda Abdoyan
Bajidoo Orlando, FL
A 9000 Years Ago and steeped in tradition the practice of henna tattooing began, a form of art and beauty unto itself. A little more than 45 years ago the my artistic eye began to develop. After a vacation trip to the Middle East in 2000, the two events somehow collided to form a new brand of whimsical art. By incorporating the swirls, curves, circles & lines of Mehndi (henna) art into my images the rather random marriage became a new expression of realism - a new view of real life, & viola! Suddenly, a special brand of what I coined to be "Bajidoo art". Often, working directly with henna paste, mixed especially for my artistic purposes I began creating art on wood and other surfaces. ... and quite naturally a book on henna sprang up from those experiences, it is here for you to learn how to do it yourself for you or for others in much the same way I did. I wanted to share what I have learned to save you some precious time while helping you avoid frustration.

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