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This book, designed to be read daily, will assist readers to develop very healthy relational habits.

It's a quick whip through the alphabet that will have you wondering why you didn't read this BEFORE you got yourself entangled, triangle-d, anxious, and stuck in the middle of other people's issues.

Therapists, buy it in bulk. It's the perfect start to any therapy session where you (or the client) want to talk about healthy relationship choices.

This book will take you TEN minutes to read and TEN years to put into practice - no, make that 30 years!


About the Author

Rod. E. Smith, MSMFT / Open Hand, Inc.
RodESmith Midwest, USA

Counseling, coaching, and training leaders of families, churches, not-for-profits, businesses, and schools in areas of Differentiation of Self, Management of Anxiety, Clarity, and how to establish your organization to minimize potential for conflict and relationship fall-out.

Addressing matters of conflict of all magnitudes and kinds - when conflict is brewing or already occurred.

Corporate clients, schools, churches, and families in moderate disarray or severe conflict benefit most from our services.

PERFECT for any church or school community facing change or trauma.

Rod Smith has presented seminars and assisted clients in over 20 countries world-wide.

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