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The birth of the Trickster: Caprina's deadly secret is revealed. Persephone unwittingly learns how a young Sethan was caught in her web of destruction, only to become Caprina's "young prophet of doom".

But the Gods were restless; they just couldn't leave ill enough alone. Many moons later, Caprina's path would once again cross with Sethan. She had taught her protege well and was proud of the Trickster he had become.

When Caprina reveals to Sethan that he is the father of Kaliadne, Astrange calm overtakes him. Gone is the uncontrollable rage and fury. Gone is the stagnant apathy and withering spirit. His mind had been transformed by a single-mindedness of purpose. To find his daughter and bring her to Caprina in the Grotto of Dead Souls.

Persephone, realizing that her daughter has been kidnapped, enlists the aid of Wortmar the Drabengi Trollian. Together they search for Kaliadne, unaware that each step brings them closer to a deadly encounter. Once again Persephone is forced to confront her fears and blinding rage against a boy she once loved so tenderly.

Meanwhile, The Secret Sisters of the Persephone Society --Seffy and Cathy-- arrange a surprise birthday celebration for Steven. It is an occasion that will change the the course of his life forever. Is Steven's mind and will strong enough to survive his own tormented demons laid bare?

The shocking events of the evening reach out and grab hold of Seffy in a way she could never have foreseen. She cannot escape unscathed from what the future holds for her, and must come to terms with the part she plays in Steven's future as well.


About the Author

Victoria Golos

A native New Yorker, Victoria Golos left her home at the age of fifteen, a season after the "Summer of Love."

Her interest in the subconscious aspects of the human psyche and the use of symbolism to express a state of mind, is reflected in her unique vision.

University of "Learning from Life's Experiences"---

--"Where I am a perpetual student of human nature and the natural world in which I live, love , and laugh."

Publish Date  June 14, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  60 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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