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The title of this project is inspired by the initial path to maturity that young australian aborigenes live when they reach 16 years old of age.
It's a trip about learning and respect to the environment in which they live and one we should take as an example of.
A four-part story that evokes a surreal world but still possible, where fiction and reality merge in a chant to nature and a claim to ignorance about the value of our own nature.

Walkabout - Landscape

It's the vision of a desert landscape, lifeless and lunar aspected where one adapted human person could survive, a thirsty and arid land where the presence of water it's an erosive force factor that determines the corroboration of desertification.

Walkabout - Fragility

It's about an allegory to the eco-system's fragility the same as the human beings, where the white body of the character is in contrast to the rough and arid landscape that makes us understand how fragile we are before a world that gave in and one we have a few things to offer to it even if he gives us a few more in return, however, it always is in any case, in the winning side.
A reflexion that claims the unmessurable advance of a civilization that doesn't respect the human people's nature and its surroundings.

Walkabout -Minerals

How would it be a World where water evaporates in the sea?
What whimsical and abstract figured shapes would it leave behind?
The Mark of "it was human" in a salted sea?
The vanity's reflex before a future reality?

Walkabout - Things

This chapter is dedicated to the past and ephemeral of our existance.

We have an undeniable tendency of creating garbage, the packing of energy, toys, machines, symbols, didactic and enjoying amusement, our capacity of creation is never ending, and the evolution of being, a stated fact.
We'll get with any doubt a so-called perfection that get us near to God, always when we already think that we are not Him.
Meanwhile we are only just the rest of the human beings of this planet, with the only difference that we leave rubbish in our way that will damage negatively to this planet in the years ahead.
We are fanciful children that throw away garbage that don't need anymore, the problem comes when we really throw away what we most really need.

Our project's reflection.

Are we really conscious about the problem? Or, do we really don´t want to be?
Some people say that there is a problem, some others say that doesn´t.
I really don't think that going back and forth questioning me is what matters.
There will always be somebody that conveniently will go from one place to another till their voice is heard louder, that's the principle of our human nature.
We have a gift, it's the main basis of our insecurity, this gift, it's the election, and in that election, the pros and cons of our decision, and so on, it's like the creation of our universe but in the opposite direction, making it more instrospectively each time, this capacity of undergoing on purpose always lead us to the wrong answer, we superimpose our reason onto our instict.
What do I want to say about that? When we know instinctively what we're doing wrong, we see the material and selfish side of our actions and we choose what benefits us more in a short term without thinking of the legacy that we are leaving for the upcoming generations.

Julio Gamboa

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