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The HIVE is somewhere you recognize but can not place. Between its over-heated walls live The Queen and her minions.

The layout of the HIVE is a spheroid composed of 36 sections. The Queen's palace is a duodecahedron at the HIVE core. There are 56 Hozone manufacturers, known as Creators, covering the outside of the HIVE walls.

The HIVE exports Hozone for profit. The Hozone layer protects its atmosphere, sheilding the HIVE from radiation and making its climate habitable. Regrettably, a chemical explosion damaged the Hozone layer 100 dynasties ago, and so many died in the catastrophe, the monarchy was forced to propagate a new generation of workers to serve The Queen.

The HIVE realm rotates once every 180 dynasties. Gravity is 1.8 times that on earth. The direct light and high gravity make moving around the HIVE a sweaty endeavor.

When the Hozone generators fail, temperatures inside rise dangerously. All HIVE workers then surround The Queen, fanning her with their wings to cool down her body temperature so she can link to The HIVE Mind. The Queen must stay cool.

All female HIVE members are telepathic, but just The Queen's thoughts are visible. She monitors her workers continually. Hence, there is no privacy afforded those who live inside of the HIVE collective.


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jimaustin Florida
James Austin a teacher, writer, and digital imaging consultant. He taught digital photography for 5 years in the design department of Colorado University in Denver. Austin is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, Photographer’s Gallery, and Denver Art Museum have all exhibited his work. The New Yorker Magazine, Nature’s Best Magazine and Popular Photography have published his work, and he was a writer for Apogee Photo Magazine for two decades. His books include, Dancing With Light, Photopia, The Hive and Dei Light. Austin received a commission from the University Of Colorado Health Science Center to make a 17 foot wide by 6 foot high mural of 75 pictures for a memorial. His company, Jimages, provides wedding and portrait service and specializes in digital retouching. He has done volunteer photography for National Alzheimer’s Association, Breast Cancer Awareness and All Age Schools in the Bahama

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