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The Victory Park Poets are a core group of young experimental artists from Sudbury Ontario who took the opportunity to incorporate different forms of writing and poetry into their lives, and share with others their thoughts, emotions and experiences that linger in their Northern Ontario hearts.

The formation of the "Victory Park Poets" collective was made possible through all of those who have continued to support and participate actively in grassroots collectivity and creation together in our communities.

The moving process leading up to the creation of this book brought together a community, collectively explored the theme, "Transitions", built strong relationships, strengthened our community and helped bring out a collective vision for our better common futures.

Great appreciation for this poetic work goes to all of those who made time and space for your greatly valued contributions towards this exploratory bookwork. A warm and wonderful thank you to all of the 'Victory Park Poets' artists in this book, Deanna Nebenionquit, Tanya Ball, Winnie Pitawanakwat, Sonja Dunn and Paul Dunn for sharing your inspiring methods, teachings, stories and life experiences that helped shape and guide this collective creation.

Thank you to the Canadian League of Poets and the Ontario Trillium Foundation for all of your wonderful help and support in offering Myths and Mirrors Community Arts the opportunity to bring together this inspiring group of young people in Sudbury, Ontario.


About the Author

Myths and Mirrors Community Arts
sudburypoems Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Myths and Mirrors Community Arts is a non profit organization based in Sudbury, Ontario. Our projects bring people together to find meaning and purpose in our experiences through reflection, dialogue and collective creation.

We are committed to our community of Sudbury, a northern Ontario mining town struggling to understand its place in this brave new world. Since 1996, we’ve been based in two of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, the Flour Mill and the Donovan. Under the shadow of the world’s highest smoke stack, we are committed to planting seeds of creativity and hope in slagheaps of burnt rock, and to joining with others in the creation of our common future.

Being the romantics we are, Myths and Mirrors takes on projects in our community that challenge assumptions, build community and collectivity, and inspire hope.

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