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"Dressed in feathers" is a collection of some of my favorite wildlife images (with an emphasis on wild birds) taken in the last 7 years within the Grecian landscape. Most of the images were taken on Lemnos and Lesvos Islands in the North Aegean sea.

In more detail, there are over 160 impressive photos with over 80 bird species represented and 7 other animals such as the fox, squirrel, fallow deer and others. Apart from the common and scientific Latin name I have included some extra info about each species plus technical specs of each shot such as focal length and exposure settings.

All of the photographs in this collection are of birds flying, feeding, singing, scratching, or doing something else interesting - these are not plain static portraits. Each and every image has something to say and all are composed with great care.

This book does not try to replace a bird guide, it's just a collection of images with some extra info to give the book some extra value. Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed creating them :) Feel free to leave a comment, thanks!

PS1: The preview of this standard landscape (25x20cm) 142 page book is only 23 pages.


About the Author

John Cazolis
deoxygen Athens, Greece

Comments (26)


RebeccaField says

Thanks for your comment, John. Yours looks wonderful as well. We must all try to help preserve the amazing diversity of species for these winged treasures. Becky

posted at 11:57am Jan 08 PST


gchampon says


Your pictures are absolutely amazing! Well done!


posted at 04:42am Nov 21 PST


msusan says

John, This book is amazing. Love the photos.

posted at 03:25pm Nov 15 PST


amberlea says

Thanks for checking out my book, John. I think my next book should be about Greece too!
I ADORE your book - I think I'm going to have to buy a copy for my dad - he inspired in me my love of birds. If you're ever in Canada, you should visit Point Pelee - it's a point of land that juts into Lake Erie and serves as a stopover point for migratory birds in the spring and fall. I went once, but didn't have a good enough lens to get many great shots - I'm sure your photographic eye could do it justice!

posted at 05:09pm Nov 06 PST


huntsman-m says

You've got a great book here! Your photos definitely would be a good blurb buy--I really enjoyed going through each page. Congrats!

All the best,

posted at 04:51pm Nov 05 PST


pinepig says

Thank you kindly for your comments on my As I Wander: New Zealand's South Island book. You're book is amazing. This is a wonderful book that is a testament to your paitence as a photographer. Animal photography is dificult and takes a lot of talent to get shots like those in your book. Good job!

posted at 12:22am Nov 01 PST


EllenV says

Its a very beautiful book, with excellent photo's, I enjoyed looking at them. Thank you very much for your comment on my book! Ellen.

posted at 12:25pm Oct 31 PST

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