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A Fine Art Photography book of creative Self-Portraiture documenting a personal and healing Journey of Self.

Through a personal journey of pain and suffering came inner strength and enlightenment and with that an outburst of personal self expression and creativity for the author and photographer, Rochelle Haisley (aka Green Olive Mama).

Jammed packed with raw emotion and creativity, spread over 100 unique Fine Art images, this book is sure to please.

For an autographed copy please contact Rochelle Haisley at

*Contains some nudity


"One of the most amazing and talented photographers I have ever seen. Her work is soulful and intense and you can tell she really thinks about every single image before taking it.. a true artist..."
Elizabeth Pellette

" She is starlight... Beneath an unmistakably beautiful exterior exists a woman of incredible sensitivity and love. It is her pure inner beauty that overflows into her artwork and photography. She is blessed with the creativity, talent and drive needed to succeed. And I cannot help but feel inspired."
Daniel Mao

"The first thing you notice about Rochelle is her beauty, then the way she instinctively knows how to pose for the camera.... As you delve deeper you are struck not only by her obvious technical capabilities and talent but by her willingness to open her heart and to bare her soul. This gives her work another dimension, a personal quality which reaches out and touches your heart or pokes you in the eye!"
Kate (Jazz Jumper)

"...every single photo on her stream is not just a photo, it’s a piece of her life that she is sharing with all of us and isn't afraid to. Every single photo its like a page from her private diary except you can see what's going on inside her mind, soul and heart. Every image is will never get bored...always full of emotions, great concepts, imagination, passion and artistry. Its such an inspiration to all of us."
Marina Baranova

"Raw. Pure. Emotive...
What this girl has been through in her life... she wears on her skin, literally. Always with grace, poise, imagination, and great beauty.
I am always amazed and inspired by what she shoots as a professional and as an amazing self portrait artist..."
Tess Johnson

"...she is an incredibly talented artist, whose self portraits never cease to amaze....a continual source of inspiration."
Tony Burton


About the Author

Rochelle Haisley
rochelleh Florida, USA
I am a self-portrait artist and self-taught professional child model photographer based in Florida. After studying fashion design and marketing, my passion for visual presentation and style quickly blossomed into a career in photography. I started shooting professionally 3 years ago but was forced to stop due to a personal illness. A year ago, after a full recovery, I regained swing and that is when my self-portraiture took life. I started posting my self-portraits on an online photo-sharing site. The positive feedback I received on there, as well as a strong desire to further my career, is what ultimately inspired me to put together this book. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Rx

Comments (4)


digifan says

As a fan of your work through Flickr, I cannot wait to order this! Your work is lovely, as are you, but the design of your book and the creativity channeled into it is astonishing.

Your book is a testament to how a new era in fine art art book self publishing is opening up, and frankly the newcomers are making better books than the establishment has in quite awhile.

I'll update my comments when I receive the book, but I know I am going to love it!

posted at 05:30pm Feb 11 PST


MisterHappy1 says

this a fabulous book! very touching, and beautiful. please check out my photo book....Meet Mr Happy. a fun photo book of the Penis. I would love to read your comments on it. keep up the good work! Happy Girl

posted at 09:06am Mar 31 PST


fexy01 says

Sadly, there are very few people in this world with the combination of beauty, kindness, creativity and perseverance Rochelle possesses. Her talent draws an a deep pool of joy and pain, and experience that far exceeds her years. Tender and kind, articulate and astute, strong and resilient. Her work is a gift she shares with the world, and the world is richer for it.

posted at 03:11pm Sep 22 PST


shellsells says

Rochelle's talents are limitless and pure through her bone as it is rare to find someone who finds such beauty with light everywhere she turns. Each photograph oozes emotion that you may have to attempt one self portrait to truly appreciate what an amazing artist she is.

posted at 03:43am Sep 05 PST


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