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If you read Disapproving Rabbits - you are going to love this!

**News Flash!** Thanks to the new Blurb metrics we can announce that 'You Know You're a Bunny Parent When..." sold 32 copies in 2007! ****

This is a book all about what it means to keep rabbits. As members of the Flickr group Bunny Lovers Unite we all love our furry friends, but we also know there is more to having bunnies in your life than just cuddles.
This book includes over 200 photos of well loved pets, past and present, along with comments from the group.

Beautiful bunnies, scruffy bunnies, naughty bunnies and down-right cute bunnies.

You don't need to be a group member to appreciate this book - but a fondness for furry footed friends will help.

Please check out the preview and see what it's all about.

Bunny Lovers Unite is a group on the photo society web site: Flickr ( and the book is sold at base price.

mommy24bunnies started a discussion thread entitled "You know you're a bunny parent when..." on June 16th 2007.

Since then it has been one of the most popular threads in the group with over 300 replies at the time of press.

The decision to make the thread into a book was part of the thread discussion and here it is.

This book contains photos of the groups members pet bunnies, showing just what it means to be a bunny parent - along with the comments from the thread.


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