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Afghanistan is a country that has been at war for 30 years. In 1979 it suffered the
invasion of the Soviet army, which killed one million Afghan people and has led to
mass displacement camps. In the midst of that chaos the Taliban was formed, who
prevailed in 2001 and gave way to a renewed hope for peace and stability, now
faded, and is the civilian population who has suffered for all these years of conflicts.
The country has one of the highest rates of amputations by landmines.Studies mine based on reports from hospitals in areas affected estimated 2,500 people each month who suffer amputations as a result of landmines in the world.
Alberto Cairo, is the father of the project which has been operating for 20 years in the city of Kabul, as a center for war-wounded amputees of mine, operated by ICRC.Actually has 300 workers all of them disabled by landmines, and since then have helped 50,000 amputees, 40,000 made prostheses, and 7,000 chairs. Also provide microloans to the affected people can start small businesses that are compatible with their disability, and a thorough monitoring of the patient's own house, those people who can not move to the center for lack of funds, once they have already received treatment and prosthetics.
The embed in Kunar province in the troubled border with Pakistan, is of this last February, and shows the daily lives of U.S. forces of Isaf, in one of the most volatile areas of the country.


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