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While I have always loved and admired photography, I never had the opportunity to experience and photograph the world as I did in 2008 and 2009. I was very fortunate as much of those twelve months was spent working, traveling and having the time of my life throughout Europe.

My travels started in Zurich Switzerland in April of 2008 and ended in Paris France in April of 2009. I still remember my first decent into Zurich airport; I was mesmerized by the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding lands as the sight of the snow covered mountains sent chills up my spine. At this point I didn’t know that I would be spending many more months in Europe and I wanted to capture every possible memory on film.

Several months into the travels, and after comparing my mediocre pictures with my friends beautiful photography, I realized that the camera I was using was less than adequate and I had a lot to learn. I did both. I bought a new camera and had a great mentor. That’s why I dedicate this book to my good friend, and travel companion, Lam. Without his guidance, these pictures would be out of focus, dreadfully boring and a poor representation of the exquisite beauty of Europe.

The images in this book represent a fraction of the pictures I captured and only portion of the countries, towns, castles and cathedrals that I visited. While I can easily say that those twelve months were the most exciting in my life, these images will always stay with me and bring a smile to my face.

During my travels, I visited seven countries, two mountains, eight castles, numerous cathedrals and traveled by boat, train, plane, car, bus, taxi, gondola and funicular. These photographs were taken over a twelve month period throughout Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


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